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Pioneering Animal Blood Donations

Launched in October 2023, Brave Unity Blood Bank aims to provide our beloved pets with lifesaving blood products in times of emergencies or critical illnesses. After countless hours of research, protocol implementation and applications – we are proud to be one of California’s first donor-based blood bank programs for animals approved by the Department of Agriculture.

Our San Francisco Bay Area community is encouraged to support this indispensable cause by donating their animal companions’ blood to alleviate the shortage of vital resources in veterinary hospitals and clinics.

By creating a sustainable supply of blood from generous animal donors in our community, we can ensure that more pets have access to the essential medical care they deserve.
Brave Unity is looking for friendly, well-behaved dogs and cats to become regular blood donors. To qualify, dogs should weigh over 50 pounds and be between the ages of 1-8 years, while cats should weigh more than 10 pounds and be between 1-9 years old. There are other specific requirements so please make sure you reach out to: [email protected] if you’re interested in having your pet donate!

There are several key benefits to donating your pet's blood:

Saving Furry Lives: The Power of Blood Donation in Veterinary Medicine