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Meet Yeager, full name Chuck Yeager named after the pilot

Breed: Greyhound
Age: 2 years, 7 months old
Favorite Activity: playing bitey-face with his brother, running on the beach and snuggling
Loves: going to work with his mommy, the beach, giving kisses (nickname: the make out king), road trips, flour tortillas and string cheese

Say hi to Yeager! He was born in Utah as the smallest boy in his litter with the biggest personality! Yeager made his way to Oregon by his Mommy’s friend who picked him up in Utah. He then went on another road trip with his Mommy and Daddy to his new home in San Jose. He got to learn the ropes by his older Greyhound brother Ridley, who taught everything he knows about snuggling and being there when his people need love.

Yeager’s Mommy is a Registered Vet Tech so he gets to go to work with her every day. Since work is located right next to Lenity Vet Hospital, she knew Yeager would be a perfect blood donor, since Greyhounds have universal blood types. His predecessor was a blood donor and saved the life of a dog who had been hit by a car. 
Yeager is now a big brother to his Greyhound brother, Gus, full name Gus Grissom after the astronaut. They spend their days wrestling, flinging toys around the house, playing bitey-face and taking long naps. 
Yeager’s goals in life include saying hello to every person on the planet so he can give them all kisses along with taking over the world with his brother Gus. 
IG: @chuckyeagerthegreyhound

Nicknames: Yeggie, Yeggie Pants, Puppy Cakes, Yeager McGregor

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